Members / Membership

The associations of the EUBREAST Network welcome applications for effective membership. In order to join an association of the EUBREAST Network as an Effective Member, you must submit an application to the Chairman on which the Executive Board will decide. 

The various forms of membership and the obligations of the respective members are regulated in the Statutes of the EUBREAST associations.


You can apply as an indidividual (natural person) or as a legal entity such as an institution, as established in accordance with the regulations and laws of its country of origin. The premise for membership is that they carry out clinical or other research in the field of breast cancer.


All Effective Members have full right to vote in the General Assembly.


Downloads application forms for Membership:

EUBREAST (Italy) Natural Persons

EUBREAST (Italy) Legal Entities

EUBREAST e.V Natural Persons

EUBREAST e.V Legal Entities


Becoming a member of EUBREAST association

In order to become an Effective Member of an EUBREAST association please contact You can download the appropriate application form above or you can request that it be sent to you via email.

Benefits of being a member of an EUBREAST association

Honorary Members

Honorary Members are appointed by the General Assembly after suggestion of the Executive Board thanks to their extraordinary scientific merits. 


Supporting Members

Supporting Members are invited by the Executive Board and will be acknowledged on the website of the Association for their ongoing support, after giving their permission.