Interview AXSANA
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Kühn and PD Dr. Maggie Banys-Paluchowski

Invitation General Assembly

All Members are invited to participate in the General Assembly which will take place via Zoom (link to be published closer to the date). The first call for the meeting will be on Monday, May 17 at 9:30 pm CEST and in the case that we do not reach the legal number of members required, the second expected call will take place on:


                             TUESDAY, 18 MAY 2021 at  19:00 CEST


The following (preliminary) agenda will be discussed:

  1. Confirmation of correct invitation, number of participants, and quorum
  2. Report from the Chairman (T.Kuehn)
  3. Report from the Treasurer (F.Peintinger) and Approval of financial statements
  4. Future Structure of the EUBREAST Network
  5. Approval of new EUBREAST (Italy) Executive Board
  6. Approval of membership fee
  7. Brief report of project status
  8. Various

Live Webinar
The Impact of Biology on Breast Cancer Surgery

Erfolgreiches EUBREAST Webinar of Janury 28, 2021 mit 90 Teilnehmern.


Full video of the webinar 


BREAKING NEWS from San Antonio:
Janine M. Simons MD PhD, member of EUBREAST, presents results of RISAS trial at SABCS  


Erfolgreiches erstes EUBREAST Webinar, 17. Juni 2020, mit 90 Teilnehmern.


Webinar Video



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the-lancet2.jpgEUBREAST Artikel in "The Lancet Oncology"

A gap analysis of opportunities and priorities for breast surgical research
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Link "The Lancet Oncology"